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Team Formation:

-Alpine AYSO teams are formed based on players birth year and gender.

-Players birth year is obtained from the registration form submitted upon registration and verified using a birth certificate.

-Players are assigned to teams automatically through our hosting website, Sports Connect.


Team Balancing: 

-Teams are balanced at a special meeting deemed “team balancing meeting”. Board members, coaches, referees, and other active volunteers may participate in the “team balancing meeting”

-Attendees of the meeting are given the team assignments forms on Sports Connect (see above) with auto-formed teams.

-Attendees may move players to other teams in the same division if the team

                A) has an unequal number of boys vs girls when applicable

                b) has an unequal number of birth year players to the other teams

                c) has an unbalanced number of goal keepers on the team vs the other teams

                d) has an unfair advantage or disadvantage to other teams based on player ratings. Only applies to the teams in 10U-19U divisions.                      (see player ratings below)

-Player requests to play on the same team as friend or siblings will be assessed on a case by case basis, and will take into account the balancing of all teams before a decision can be made.

Player ratings: 

-Players may be rated based on their ability by a Coach or Board Member, or at a special assessment

-Players may be rated on a scale of novice to expert

-Player ratings help determine if a team is balanced to the other teams in that division


Other Team Formation Notes:

See Policy’s and Procedures 1.04d and 7.B.2

-Players are not allowed to play a division younger than their birth year, or play “down”


Wait List:

-After the publicized registration period closes, interested players may still sign up to play on a wait list.

-Players on a wait list are not guaranteed to be assigned to a team

-Wait list players will be added to teams in a first come- first served basis based on availability

Refund Policy: 

-Players seeking a refund are eligible for

                a) a refund of monies paid LESS the $25.00 paid to AYSO National/Area at registration

b) a partial refund of monies LESS the $25.00 AND the cost of uniforms if a refund is requested after uniforms have been purchased.


Sportsmanship Program: 

-Players, Coaches, or Spectators displaying negative sportsmanship during a game or on the field will be penalized with one or all of the following:

a) yellow or red card given by a referee resulting in suspension from the rest of a game or the following game

                b) loss of points for the team the player is on

                c) removal from the field

-Part of Good Sportsmanship includes the ability to maintain a game with a 6-point spread between teams. Teams that win a game with larger than a 6-point margin will be penalized in the following order:

                1st offense: Warning by the Coach Administrator

                2nd offense: Board Member present during next game as a mentor

                3rd offense: deduction of 3 points from the win


Dispute Process:

-Any player or guardian may file a dispute to decisions made if:

                a) the decision does not align with the Regional policies given in this document

                b) the decision was made as a false accusation

-Disputes will be addressed on a case by case basis, and WILL NOT affect the scoring outcome of the game.

-To file a dispute, please contact us at [email protected]

-The Dispute Resolution Committee will consult all parties involved and make a ruling on the dispute.

-All referee calls made in a game are final and cannot be overturned.


All Star Program:

-The All Star Program is an invitational post season team. 

-Coaches are asked to submit player recommendations to the All Star Team based on player skill level and positions played

-All Star coaches are chosen based on the following criteria

                a) Current approved volunteer

                b) Certified to coach the division requested

                c) Has attended additional training camps and clinics offered throughout the season

-All Star coaches will be chosen and ratified by a majority vote from the Board

-All Star assistant coaches are only eligible if their child is FIRST chosen as a player on the All Star Team

-Players are assigned to teams by a committee of coaches from that age division and ratified by the Board.

-Players may be chosen based on skill, positions played, age, and recommendations from coaches during regular season play.

-No player is guaranteed the invitation to join the All Star Team


For additional questions, please email [email protected]

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