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The answers below will help you understand Alpine AYSO's Fall registration process better, as well as answer questions about the practices and games. For great answers to many questions about AYSO in general, visit AYSO National's webpage


Q: When does registration begin for the next Fall/Spring season?

A: Online registration begins around the end of April for the upcoming Fall Season and in December for the spring season.  All players must register online ( 

If your player is new to the Alpine Region, you will also need to submit Proof of Age (a copy of your child's birth certificate, passport, immunization card, or other government document).

Q: What is the deadline for player registration?

A: Registration is open through mid-August. Fees increase after July 1st for Fall Season.  Anyone trying to register after is automatically assigned to the wait list and is not guaranteed a spot on a team.

 Q: Can the whole AYSO registration process be completed online?

A: Yes! Complete everything required on-line at Sports Connect (www. and then drop by to one of our walk-in registrations with a birth certificate or other proof of age (for new players only), your cash/check/credit/debit card (if you want to pay in person rather than online).  No Mail-in Registrations will be accepted.

Walk-In Registration dates and times will be announced on the website at

Q: I don't have a computer/can't figure out the online system. Can I submit a paper application to register my child?

A: No. Manual forms have been completely eliminated which makes the back end of our registration process much easier for our volunteers. Plus, no paper applications means that no paperwork gets misplaced – so we can now ensure that every completed registration is processed, and that every child is placed on a team. If you don’t have online access at home, Public Library branches offer free computer access – just call your local branch to reserve computer time in advance. In addition, computer access and assistance with our online registration system is available at each of our registration days, but be prepared - lines may be long.

Q: Do I have to provide an e-mail address when I register?

A: Yes, with over 500 kids in the program, email is our main means of communication, so it's very important that we have a good email address on file for you. It enables us to send you Region 295 news to keep you up to date and informed. Please note that you may get emails from AYSO National as well as emails from just our region. Understand that they are 2 different things, so if you feel you are getting too much AYSO email, please try just unsubscribing from the AYSO National emails. Once you unsubscribe from the regional emails, we cannot put you back on our email list, and you will be missing out on important news related to the region.

Q: I’m confused by the new online system, where do I get help?

A: Sports Connect has extensive support documentation with screenshots and videos. We highly recommend looking there first for any Sports Connect questions.  You can also email us at [email protected] and we will help as much as we can on our end.

Q: My child played in Region 295 last year. Do I need to provide a birth certificate at registration this year?

A: Yes. Proof of birthdate is required each year in Region 295.  You can simply upload into Sports Connect for verification.  The system will allow for verification and does not save the birth certificate.

 Q: How much does it cost to play?

A:  For fall-$150 plus the $20 National Fee and a $2.75 service fee.  For spring-$75 plus the $2.75 service fee.  Fees increase after July 1, and  sibling discounts are available for multiple registrations within the same family.

  Q: What does the registration fee cover?

A: The registration fee covers the cost of player uniforms, individual and team photos, action packed yearbook, trophies or awards, insurance, background checks, plus the coach, referee and field equipment required to run the program.  No fundraising will be required by you or your children.  Registration fees do not cover the cost of athletic footwear (cleats or athletic shoes), shin guards, a soccer ball, player drinks or snacks, or player pictures over and above the standard picture package that is already included for free.

Q: How do I guarantee my child will be placed on a team?

Regular registration will close when the allocated number of players is achieved. We will contact the player's parents by telephone and by e-mail. If we do not receive a response within 48 hours, we will move on to the next eligible player on the waiting list.

To avoid being placed on the waiting list - Register Early and Volunteer!

Only the children of Volunteer Coaches, Referees and Board Members are guaranteed to be placed on teams.

Q: I missed one of the walk-in Registration Events, now what?

A: If you missed one of the walk-in Registration Events, you will need to complete your registration online and ensure the registrar receives it.  If payment and form(s) are not received by the end of July/February your child will not be registered to play soccer, and will be placed on the waitlist. 

Q: Who is eligible?

A: AYSO will be changing from a school year registration to a birth year registration in order to align with other American youth soccer program providers interpretation of the U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives.

The effective date of age determination for registration shall be the player's age as of December 31 looking ahead of the Membership Year.  Example: For MY2022 the division the child will be placed in will be determined based on their age on December 31, 2022. 

To help in determining the proper age and division for players, the following chart is provided and guidelines and rules are as follows from U.S. Soccer. 

To download the pdf, click here.  

How does it really work? The effective date of age determination for registration shall be the player's age as of December 31 looking ahead of the Membership Year.  Example: For MY2022 the division the child will be placed in  will be determined based on their age on December 31, 2022. 

Participants who shall turn three years of age between January 1 and December 31 are eligible for AYSO Playground Soccer.

 Q: If I cannot afford the fee, is financial assistance is available?

A: Yes! No child will be left out for financial reasons. If you cannot afford all or part of the registration fee, please contact [email protected].

Q: What does it mean to be placed on a wait list?

A: Anyone who has either registered late (after the registration window closed) or registered in a division that has already exceeded our anticipated number of players will be placed on the wait list.  Please know that we do our best to place all interested players onto teams.

There are only 2 reasons why a player does not get placed:  not enough players on the waitlist to form additional teams OR not enough coaches to coach additional teams.  Therefore, to increase the likelihood of being placed on a team, parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer to coach or to referee.  If you are willing to do either of those, please contact the Coach Administrator or the Referee Administrator (See Contact Us Page) and identify yourself as a waitlist player willing to coach and/or referee.

If there are not enough players on the wait list to add an additional team, wait list players are assigned to teams after all registered players are confirmed.  Openings for wait list players should be known by early September.  If we are unable to place your player on a team, we will refund your payment in full.

Q: Can I get my child on the same team as his/her friend or request a specific coach?

A: We try our best to help accommodate siblings on the same team and car pool needs in the younger divisions.  In 10U and above teams are created with one of AYSO philosophies of Balanced Teams. Only coaches and assistant coaches can be guaranteed to play on the same team. ***note: requests are requests and are not guaranteed.

 Q: I want to be a coach. Can I request a specific assistant coach?

A: For 8U and below, definitely!  For 10U and over, we will try our hardest to work it out as long as it doesn’t unfairly unbalance the teams with your kids that are playing (For 10U and above). All special requests for assistant coaches: you must have your credentials and training completed before team formation occurs in mid-July for Fall Season.

Q: Are there tryouts?

A: For our regular Spring and Fall programs, there are no tryouts, everyone plays!  For the Matrix program there are tryouts.  We do player assessments with U10 and up divisions for team balancing purposes.

Q: My child was born after January 1st; some of his/her friends in the same grade were born before January 1st and were put in an older age division. Can I get my child put in the same age division as them?

A: Generally No. Our age division placements are governed by National AYSO policy and are based on date, not what grade the child is in at school. If your child has special needs, contact us at [email protected] regarding divisional placement.

 Q: How do I know what size jersey and shorts to list for my child during the online registration?

A: The table below will help for sizing garments

Youth Garment Sizes




Jersey Size - Chest




Shorts Size - Waist





Chest: Measure around the widest part of the chest, just under the arms and around the shoulder blades, keep the tape firm and level. 

Waist: Measure at the height you prefer to wear your waistband, keep the tape loose but level. 

Q: What is the process for player withdrawal?

A:  Refund Policy

$20 National Fee and $2.75 service fee are nonrefundable

Requests made between August 1st and September 1st will be less $65 (processing fee & uniform)

No refunds will be made after September 1st.

ALL Requests for a refund must be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] with an explanation why you are requesting a refund. Please include your child’s name and DOB, your name, and telephone number where you may be reached in case we need more information. 


 Q. The fall/spring season is approaching. When will I find out what team my child is on?

A: Your coach will be contacting you within a few weeks of the start of the season to introduce him or herself. Although email is a preferred method of communication for most of our coaches, make sure to get their current phone number when they call. If you've not heard from your coach toward the middle of August or February, PLEASE BE PATIENT. He or she may be on vacation. However, if you do not get a phone call or email you can log in (use the same login you used to register) to look up your Coach's name and contact information. Once logged in, click “Team / Coach information” on the main screen to see information about your child’s coach.  You can also reach out via email to [email protected]

 Q. Who are the coaches?

A: The coaches in Region 295 are the foundation of our program.  They are all unpaid volunteers.  They are also mentors and role models to our children.  As a result of this important role, they have a responsibility in regards to their behavior as well as deserving of our respect for the time and effort they give to our children.  Your coach is not a babysitter.  Be prompt for practices and games and support the person who is teaching your child the most popular sport in the world.  Don't be late in picking up your child from practice.  The coach is instructed to never leave until the entire team is accounted for and is picked up by a parent or guardian.

 Q. How are the coaches 'certified' to coach?

A: First, all coaches register with AYSO National for a background check and complete a Safe Haven course, required by child protection policies implemented by AYSO and many other youth sports organizations.  Second, all coaches must complete a classroom-style Level 1 Coaching Certification.  New and returning coaches should check the "Coaches Corner" on our website frequently - especially before the season commences.


 Q. What does the Region provide?

A: A uniform, including one jersey, one short and one pair of socks.  The Region will provide playing and practice facilities.  AYSO National will also provide limited insurance coverage for player accidents and injuries.  The Region will also provide a participation award and a basic team and individual player picture at the end of the season. No fundraising will be required by you or your children.  Registration fees do not cover the cost of athletic footwear (cleats or athletic shoes), shin guards, a soccer ball, player drinks or snacks, or player picture over and above the standard picture package.

Q. What other equipment will I need?

A: An appropriately sized ball, soccer cleats (or tennis or turf shoes) and shin guards.  Baseball metal cleats are not acceptable for safety reasons.

Age groups will play with the following ball sizes:

Size 3 ball – 6U and 8U

Size 4 ball – 10U and 12U

Size 5 ball – 14U and 16U


Q. When are league games?

A: There are a total of (10) games per season.  They typically begin the second weekend in March or September.  Typically on Saturdays.  However, older divisions (children 14 and older), All-star teams and Spring Select teams may play on Sundays.

 Q. When will I receive a game schedule?

A: Usually 5-10 days before the season starts.  But some divisions adjust the schedule AFTER the season starts to create as balanced matches as possible.  The schedules are always available for viewing at the Area Site (Area 11V Schedule Site).  Don't panic - simply check the website regularly.

 Q. How early should I arrive for games?

A: Generally, 30-45 minutes prior to kickoff.  Your coach will let you know what they expect.

 Q. Who is responsible for setting-up and taking-down the goals?

A: Each morning, the first two teams playing on the field that day are required to set up the goals and paint the fields.  This activity should be directed by the coach or assistant coach who has been trained in doing this.  This should be completed at least 45 minutes PRIOR to the start time of the match.  Likewise, as indicated on the schedule, the last teams of the day have the responsibility of safely taking down the goals and nets and flags, and placing ALL of the pieces, stakes, hammers and nets in the appropriate bags.  Under no circumstances are players or children allowed to help putting up or taking down the goals and nets.

 Q. Can my player wear earrings? Their ears were just pierced and cannot be taken out?

A: Earrings may never be worn, even if taped or padded in practice or games.  No jewelry, friendship bracelets, watches, necklaces, plastic or metal hair barrettes or "hair wraps" may be worn during practices or games as well.  Only soft knee braces may be worn upon inspection and approval of the referee prior to the match.  No casts, soft or hard, are permitted.  MedicAlert bracelets may be covered by tape to keep them snug against the wrist and completely hidden.

Q. How are the referees 'certified' to referee games?

A: All referees must complete the background check and Safe Haven course, as well as a classroom-style Regional Referee Program/Certification Course.  New and returning referees should check the "Referee Corner" on our website frequently - especially before the season commences.

NOTE: It is expected that each team - regardless of age group - have 2 – 3 parents volunteer to become a Program Certified Referee.

Q. When are practices held?

A: Weeknight practices begin in August or February.  Your team manager or coach will provide you with details. 

Q. What if the practice schedule conflicts with my family's schedule?

A: Soccer is a team sport; a team's morale and success is dependent upon the commitment of each player to attend all practices and games.  Please consider the impact on your child and teammates if he/she will be involved in other activities, which will compromise his/her availability.

If you cannot work around the practice schedule assigned for your team, you may choose to have your child put on the waiting list until there is an opening at his/her evaluation level on a team that practices on a different night.  However, there is no guarantee that all players from the waiting list will be placed.  Contact your Coach Administrator with questions.

Q. May I bring my pet to the practices or games?

A: No, it is prohibited by our field permit with the School Districts (even at parks that would otherwise allow them).  Players, parents or spectators will be asked to leave the grounds if they have a pet.


 Team Formation Policy

We would like to remind everyone our policies on requests for players to be placed on the same team and, more generally, on how teams are selected. Some of what we do is mandated by the national rules of AYSO; a lot is just plain common sense.

Before giving you our rules and policies, please remember that AYSO's National Mission Statement is founded on six philosophies: Everyone Plays®, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development. Region 295 is a part of AYSO and we stand for these above everything else and our policies on requests and team selection reflect these principles.

In addition, the process of making up teams is very time consuming work and once the teams have been made up every player move involves more than just that player. Not only would it necessitate displacing another player already assigned to the team, it would involve finding a replacement player of comparable skill levels (to maintain team balance).  Parents frequently see this from their perspective and don't take into consideration that granting a seemingly simple request can have a wave of repercussions and stretch our volunteer resources beyond breaking.


Team balancing takes priority and no requests will be accepted. The only exception is for brothers and sisters and for children living in the same household where age and gender would place them in the same division. We will accept requests in these situations for the children to be placed (a) on the same team or (b) on different teams.

What if your team has a practice day that conflicts with some other commitment that you cannot rearrange? What if you need help with carpooling? Please be flexible and try to work something out. Almost always you will get to know someone on the team with whom you can share carpooling and other responsibilities. And don't worry about your children not knowing anyone on the team. One of the joys of AYSO is the opportunity for children and their parents to make new friends and it is done so easily in the context of participation on a sports team. Take advantage. If you cannot work around the practice schedule assigned for your team, you may choose to have your child put on the waiting list until there is an opening at his/her evaluation level on a team that practices on a different night.  However, there is no guarantee that all players from the waiting list will be placed.


We build teams with random coach assignments, overseen by our Board, using the following criteria:

·         Coaches will be identified and approved by the Regional Coach Administrators and assigned to teams.

·         For U-10 and above: Ratings for the previous season are used and any new child that has not been rated will be sorted separately by age.

·         For U-6 and U-8: Teams are balanced by ages.

·         Once the initial sort is done the teams will be looked at and adjusted to accommodate the following: we will try to ensure the average player rating (U-10 and above) or average age (U-6 and U-8) across all the teams in a division is the same.

Once teams have been formed, we generally do not add players for at least several weeks, so that we can allocate from a pool of players rather than simply adding the first player who comes along to the first team who needs an additional player.

Late sign-ups, including by players returning from club soccer, and late drops are often a source of problems. Here is how we approach the placing of late sign-ups:

·         First, once teams have been formed, we will delay assigning players if team balance considerations require it. Usually, we don't place players until we have a pool of players that is as large as possible. The primary criterion for placing players at this point remains team balance.

·         Second, assuming team balance considerations have been satisfied, we allocate players mostly on the basis of first come first served. However, we may give preference to a player where we are short of specific volunteer roles, such as coach or referee, regardless of where they are on the waiting list.

We will not allow late sign-ups to be used to manipulate the system.

Under no circumstances are coaches or team managers to take team assignments into their own hands.  Player trades are absolutely prohibited.

Under the supervision of the Regional Commissioner and the Assistant Regional Commissioners, the Regional Registrar always retains the right to make adjustments. Sometimes, even the best laid plans go astray. For example, the switch of players to reunite them with their coach-parent can cause a team to be without an experienced goalkeeper or an assistant coach, while the other team gets two. Coaches and parents must accept that if a seriously unbalanced team is created, we will reassign players or re-make the schedule, although this is a measure we take very rarely. The Regional Registrar, the Assistant Regional Commissioners and the Regional Commissioner have unlimited authority to make changes and adjust the implementation of our policy in the best interests of the program and in particular to take steps to prevent and counteract any manipulation of the system.

There will always be the inevitable sad band of conspiracy theorists who believe we do it differently. We do not.

Team Rosters are posted in late July.  If you do not hear by mid-August, check the website for announcements or contact the Regional Coach Administrators. Some coaches may be taking this time for a family vacation and will contact you when they return.  Division assignments are a function of age of the player on July 31 and you can get information on which Division a player is assigned to, Regional Coach Administrator’s names and e-mail links on this website.



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